Hamed Hadizadeh

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B.Sc student in Chemical Engineering

About me

I am graduated student (B.Sc) in Chemical Engineering at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. I’m a huge follower of energy & environmental subjects specially water & waste water treatment also air pollution control. I have done some related projects (practical experience) to these topics during my studies.


Hamed Hadizadeh
22 years
Neyshabur, Iran


A chemical engineer with a B.Sc. degree, has background in various academic and industrial projects, with several years of research, work and teaching experiment, familiar with energy & environmental subjects, especially water and waste water treatment and pollution control and fluent in featured softwares of Chemical Engineering who is seeking a graduate position in Chemical Engineering.


 Bachelor of Science
a 2016-2020

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
GPA: 3.5/4
Thesis Topic: Red Mud surface modification and study of its application as a dye and drug
adsorbent (Grade: 19.25: 20.00)
Supervisor: Dr. Ali Ahmadpour
Description: Red Mud is a byproduct of the Bayer process. The Bayer process is being used for the production of alumina by the method of solid-liquid extraction (leaching). The amount of Red Mud produce in the Bayer process is as same as alumina produce. Red Mud contains a wide range of metal oxides such as Ferric oxide, Calcium oxide, Aluminum oxide, etc. Because of the production process, Red Mud is highly alkaline and it is an environmental contaminant. In this project at the first step, surface modification was done by the method of Pickling. In the next step, we used Red Mud as a dye & drug adsorbent for water solution. we used Malachite Green, Methylene blue, crystal violet as a type of dye and Metronidazole, Ibuprofen, Ofloxacin as a type of drug.

Selected Courses:

  • ChE Thermodynamics II: 18.5/20
  • ChE Heat Transfer I: 18.7/20
  • Gas Transmission & Distribution: 19/20
  • Refinery Calculation Engineering: 20/20



  • Modification of the air conditioning system with the help of nanofiltration, Greeneh Dairy Company
    • Neyshabur, Iran
      • aJune 2018
  • Design & Construction of improved solar desalination pilot plant
    • Mashhad, Iran
      • aDec 2019 – Present
    • Using the Humidification/dehumidification (HDH) method to produce desalinated water
    • The efficiency of the desalination process has improved with the help of nanotechnology
    • Using droplet condenser technology
    • Funded by the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


  • Internship
    • Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Processing Company(S.G.P.C), Sarakhs, Iran
    • 300 hours in the Sulfur Recovery Unit
      • aJul – Aug 2019
  • Technical Consultant
    • Behsazan Sanat Shargh, Mashhad, Iran
      • aJan 2018 – Aug 2020


  • Red Mud surface modification and study of its application as a dye and drug adsorbent
    • Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
      • aApr 2019 – Oct 2019
  • Fabrication of UV-light detector by using CuO/ZnO hybrid thin layers
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council (INIC)
      • aAug 2015
  • Fabrication of Ethanol gas sensor by using ZnO Nanorods
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council (INIC)
      • aAug 2014
  • Synthesis of Nano Zero Valent Iron (NZVI) and study of its adsorption properties in the face of lead (Pb2+) ion
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council (INIC)
      • aAug 2013

Research Interests:

  • Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
  • Water & waste water treatment
  • Surface modification by Plasma engineering
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)
  • Air pollution control
  • Adsorption & Catalyst


“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.”


Aspen Plus

Aspen EDR




MS Office

Intellectual property & international Patent searching

Fabrication of thin layers by using CVD & PVD methods

Synthesis of metallic & metal oxide nano particles

Nanofiber electrospinning

Honors & Awards:

  • Nanotechnology teaching license
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council
      • a2020
  • Ranked 1st in the 2nd Ferdowsi Innovation League
    • Ferdowsi University of Mashhad
      • a2019
  • Ranked 38th in National Nanotechnology Competition among ~2000 undergraduate and graduate students
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council
      • a2018
  • Ranked 4th among more than 120 participants in the 5th “Sharif Computer-aided Chemical Engineering Contest (SC3)”
    • Sharif University of Technology, Iran
      • a2018
  • Ranked 1st in the 16th Chemistry Lab Competition
    • IRI Ministry of Education
      • a2015
  • GOLDMedal in the 6th Nano Science and Technology Olympiad
    • Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council
      • a2015
  • Top research student
    • IRI Ministry of Education & Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
      • a2015
  • Ranked 1807st among over 160,000 participants in the Iranian University Entrance Exam (the top 1%)
      • a2016


  • a12-hours workshop on “Nanotechnology applications in water & waste water treatment industry”, Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council (INIC), Sep 2019, Tehran, Iran
  • Voluntary participant in “a5th Nanotechnology Economy Forum”, Iran Nanotechnology Innovation council (INIC), 15-16 Aug 2017, Tehran, Iran
  • Commercial Empowerment in Nanotechnology, Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization, July 2017, Tehran, Iran